Frolics Catalog Design
Bambu Tattoo Profile Video
Man Up – Design for Good Campaign
East End – Original Beverage Company Branding
Packaging Set Up
Cut the Scrap – Event Design
Cut the Scrap Poster
Flannery’s French Press Gourmet Coffee
Flannery's French Press Gourmet Coffee
Providence Your Home for the Holidays Urban Exhibit
Prov Poster
Diamond Star Media Internship
Venus de Milo Graduation FaceBook Cover Photo
The 360 Degrees of Type – Typography Book
The 360 Degrees of Type - Book, Packaging, and Logo
National Read Across America Day Card & Paper Set
National Read Across America Day Wrapping Paper
Kina Grannis Album Art
National Moose Day – Typography Poster
The objective behind this project was to choose or invent an obscure holiday, then create a typographical poster to promote it. National Moose Day falls at the end of the moose hunting season to celebrate the majestic creatures who managed to survive. All type elements on the poster were hand drawn with Micron pens, then scanned in, vectorized and colored in Adobe Illustrator.
Health New England Internship
Medicare "This Could Be You" Recruitment Poster
Shipwrecked Paper Sample Book
Ship Wrecked Paper Line Info
Southside Cultural Center Kickstarter Video