Frolics Catalog Design

For my senior portfolio class, I was tasked with creating a catalog for any product of my choosing. I was allowed to choose the size and binding, so I settled on a 7.25 x 7.25” saddle-stitch bound book. Instead of a catalog with a traditional product, I chose to model my project off of a magazine. The piece has an Autumn theme and features various activities, recipes, and destinations that are perfect for fall. The name “Frolics” is inspired by the cheerfulness and energy that comes with the changing of seasons. I took all of the photos using a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. In addition, I also made all of the recipes that are featured. The book was laid out in Adobe InDesign, and all type lockups were created in Adobe Illustrator.

Full Frolics Spreads

  • Applecrest_6362-01
  • Appleplace_6332-01
  • ApplePlace_6335-01
  • Back_6328-01
  • Baseball_6338-01
  • BeefStew_6366-01
  • Beefstew_6374-01
  • Beer_6364-01
  • CaramelApples_6376-01
  • CaramelApples_6380-01
  • Cornmaze_6345-01
  • Cupcakes_6385-01
  • Cupcakes_6388-01
  • Fidlesticks_6340-01
  • Applecrest_6350-01
  • Applecrest_6351-01
  • AppleCrest_6360-01
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